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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clean Before the Storm

Buy-in: Samson stretch, PVC pass thru, PVC OHSquat, Handstand hold practice on the wall

Skill Drills:
Strong Like and Ox - Wkt 4 - conditioning
A1 Swing @16kg x20
A2 Deck squat x10
A3 Clean (Dbl) x10
A4 Air squat x20
A5 Figure 8 to Hold x20
A6 Alternating Low Lunge x20
A7 TGU 2xLeft 12kg
A8 Plank 30 seconds each rotation
A9 TGU 2xR 12kg
A10 Push up x10
A11 Snatch L x10
A12 Side plank 30 seconds each side
A13 Snatch R x10
A14 Burpees, yeah! x10

WOD @ CoolFit
Power Clean 95#
Bar Facing Burpees

10:29 - tough today, feeling yesterday a bit in the arms, but I love this kind of wod. Change of weather made this outdoor beauty really nice.

Cash-out: 1000m row 4:09

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