When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poised for Greatness

 Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency.
 Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. 
~ Dwayne Johnson 

Make the commitment to yourself. Start now. You don't need permission but if you want it, here it is. I give your permission. You can quote me on that :).
Remember when you were younger, you might have played, "I AM THE GREATEST ...?" You still can be. If somewhere along the way, you no longer feel that stirring for greatness inside, you got a little off track or lost along the way, it's time to play!
No one can do the work for you, no one can tell you whether you can or cannot. It will be hard, there will be effort. What is greatness to you? You might want to start there. 

For me, GREATNESS comes from within. It is not celebrity or fame or ego. It is MASTERY, VIRTUOSITY & FLAIR!

We experience our lives daily :). With my focus on a WellFit Lifestyle, there are a few areas that must be explored, reviewed, rebuilt and/or developed. Here in lies the opportunity to be consistent and go for what is great. Real life, everyday!
Hope you are planning to participate. I AM!
Warm up: 15-12-9 calories evil bike, squats w/bootstrappers wrapped in there
Strength: Deadlift 3x5 @175# solid work, not ready to over do it here

WORK: 3 RNDs Max effort
Row for cals 20, 20, 18
Ring dips (band assisted) 21, 18, 16
KB Swing @ Rx 16kg Russian 40, 39, 40
Core: 30 each bench raises/ghd back xtn
Very FGB  structure. Damn. Pleased that I could sort of keep my pace, but definitely work to be done here. Happy to be back in this environment. Fits like a glove. Excellent!

Monday, February 6, 2017

When the game changes...

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle 
of a plan,
in which we must fervently believe,
and upon which we must vigorously act.
 There is no other route to success.” ~Picasso

I find myself in a bit of an uproar. It's about time. 

No massive description. No excuses. No hanging back in the wings.

Just GO time! 3, 2, 1 ...

Listen when the Universe shares. 

3x8 @125# 

8 C2B pull ups
20M Overhead plate lunges @25# 
16 HR push ups

An assortment of very redefining movements were held for me last week as I dropped everything to make way for some ME time.

3 Snatch w 2OH Squat
14 KB Swings @16kg 
21 Lunges

3 RNDs @75#
21 Deadlifts    
15 HPCleans
 9 Front racked lunges

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tear It Up, Tear It Down

 It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals

Who's with me?!  Anyone else out there old? Just a little?
Those of you who are my old friends, yes, I know I don't even have to ask!

Cash In: 400M Medball Run or sub 400M Row
10 Ab Mat Situps
10/10 Windmills – light or no weight
10 Good Mornings
10 Inch Worm Pushups
10 Seated Rolls
10 Alternating Side Lunges
10 Lateral Plate Raises

Mobility - 6 minutes of Thoracic spine, hip, quad, hamstring

Love me some couch stretch today :) then hit the wall for some figure 4 ooch love

MetCon - 15 minute cap

Cluster WOD
3 Rounds For Time:
Went 75# here - bad air quality felt like choking it up a little less than deep, plus might be too hard for me to get this weight for 3 rounds right now. Rest in motion!
  • 8 Floor Press 
  • 8 Clusters 
  • 18 Lemon Squeezers (V ups)
  • 400 M Run
Rnd 1-3:59, Rnd 2, 8:19, Rnd 3 finished @12:29
So, might have been able to heavy it up just a tad. But all in all I think this was the right call today.

Strength - 10 minute cap

Bench Press warm up- 1×3@ 30%
Bench Press warm up- 1×3@60%
Bench Press warm up- 1×3@70%
Bench Press 3×8@75#

Goal: Increase 1RM to BW (125#), follow the program, just follow the plan. Just keep working and they will come. Form, patience & breathe.

AMRAP in remaining time:
10 behind the neck press (empty barbell)
8 GHD situps or 16 Ab Mat Situps
8 GHD Back Extensions or 1MIN Superman Hold
8/8 Leg Swings (over object waist height)

1 round done

MOS - Tear It Down Tuesday
3 Rounds for time:
  • 50 Double unders
  • Row 200
  • 8 Weighted step ups (40# sandbag)
  • Row 200
  • 8 Goblet ssquats (12kg/26#)
  • Row 200 - meant to look at my average row at the end … next time

Okay, NOW I am done! Time to eat, a lot.

Reading: Restoration Handbook
Key point of the day: Do as much meditative work as physical work to keep things in balance.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Savage, Or Something Like That

“In all human affairs there are efforts, and 
there are results, and the strength of the 
effort is the measure of the result."

~ James Allen, "As A Man Thinketh"
Cash In- 50 DBL Unders/50 Singles
10 Alternating Side Lunges
10 PVC Pipe Twists
10 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs
10 PVC Good mornings
10 PVC Thrusters
10 InchWorm Pushups
MOS - Preliminary Week1Backsquat 5x5@BW 125# 75 seconds of rest between setsGood mornings 3x8@ 75# 
AssistDB Deficit Reverse Lunges 4x10Hanging leg raises 4x10Tension "RKC" Plank holds 4x 15 seconds   
Goal: Increase BSquat to 1.75% of BW - 1RM is at almost 1.5 so work to be done. 
Neurologic Drill
Min 1: 3 snatch grip pendlay rows @ (bar)
Min 2: 3 snatch grip pendlay rows @ (55)
Min 3: 1 snatch grip pendlay row @6 (65)
Min 4: 1 snatch grip pendlary row @ (75)

Strength 1RM Pendlay Row 140# 


21 Min AMRAP:
8 Pendlay Rows @95# felt like this was the appropriate weight for today ;)
8 Box Jumps
8 Toes 2 Bar
800M Run

3 RNDs + 400M Run

Ugh the runs are feeling like mud. Super enjoyed the rows though.

Time for the new cycle. I am playing a little as we get started. I have really really enjoyed the Avalon training program this last week but the Masters group starts today. So, I am going to pound it a little up front. I know, I know … but there is no reason why I cannot use the warm up, mobility and a finisher here or there. Not double the work, just supporting the integrity of the work. Where strength crosses over I am working the same neurological aspect and that is a good thing :). 

So, patience and observation. Today felt wonderful. After a long swim season and a decent rest, the Macebell 4 weeks combined with Nia Shanks BBA/ADD was a good maintenance & overall body opener and core stabilization as well as just some darn fun with new movements and tools. I will continue with the core movements of 360, Slams & 10-2s, the workouts can be fun finishers along the way or just a quick flush on an endurance day as well. Options are good!

Feeling a little more like my old new self. Everyday. Change.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Warm up
1000 Row

3 RNDs
10 Wall ball
10 Jump Squat
10 Burpees
10 TRX Rows

Rope Climbs

Strength - Week 3, Day3 BBA
All sets 5x6 reps
  • Backsquat  -145# incl 20# chains (about 80% 1RM)
  • Glute Bridge 
  • KTE
Macebell Training Week 3
A1: Barbarian Squat
A2: Gravedigger
A3: Warrior Joust
A4: Twisted Sword Draw

HE: Tabata Battling Ropes
Rotating Movements 1-4x2 each set
Wave/Alt Arm Wave/Fat Grip Wave/Side to Side

Yep, done after this one. Great workout. Really really enjoying this training program.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New Way to Think

Week 3, Day 1

I haven't logged in a while here. Will update over the next week. Finishing out swim season is always a challenge where time looses :) and some things just have to hold.

Decided to take on Nia Shanks Beautiful BadAss A.D.D. program which seemed appropriate with champs on the horizon, my time really tight and well, basically, LIFE!

So the combination has been Strength - BBA, Skill - Mainly Macebell & Conditioning CFA L1 or X classes. It has actually been a really great combination and coming into the third week I am pretty stoked.

Warm up
1-10-1 Double Under ladder - just continued work on control

5 RNDs
1 strict pull up
3 strict dips
5 Push ups on the KBs
10 KB swings 16kg

Strength set
10x3 of each movement
Deadlift @185# - damn these felt heavy today
Evil wheel roll out and back

Form felt good on both moves, just had to take my time to do the work on each.

Macebell training
Legs On Fire
3 RNDs
Squat 40 R/L 20 with bell on (each side)
Plyo lunges R/L 20 (each side)
DBL KB Suitcase DL w/sprawl on bell (16kg each side) 30 reps
Back lunges 20 (each side)
Squats 40 R/L 20 with bell on (each side)

Damn this is a burner workout. A fast pace is tough to maintain so kept consistent no breaks but buckets of sweat by the last movement.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Magic is in the air ...
you have earned the right and are about to experience a change in consciousness. 
Do not try to figure it out, you cannot.

Warm up
Plank :15 ON/OFF
Plank :30
5 push ups
10 squats
20/20/20 jumping jax/crossover jax/clap jax

Stretching & mobility

50M Tire pull (facing out)
50M Tire fisherman pull
50 total Tire flips

Yeah! That hurt. I think it is about 175# and the drag, ugh! Too bad I LOVE it!!

100M Farmers Carry 12kg
10 Pull ups

Yeah! Just another excellent play date. Small tear in my left palm but otherwise a great forearm burner and fun workout. Perfect.

3 RNDs
10 each way 360
10 each way 10-2

That was about it. Left the gym singing away and happy, happy, happy!