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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poised for Greatness

 Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency.
 Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. 
~ Dwayne Johnson 

Make the commitment to yourself. Start now. You don't need permission but if you want it, here it is. I give your permission. You can quote me on that :).
Remember when you were younger, you might have played, "I AM THE GREATEST ...?" You still can be. If somewhere along the way, you no longer feel that stirring for greatness inside, you got a little off track or lost along the way, it's time to play!
No one can do the work for you, no one can tell you whether you can or cannot. It will be hard, there will be effort. What is greatness to you? You might want to start there. 

For me, GREATNESS comes from within. It is not celebrity or fame or ego. It is MASTERY, VIRTUOSITY & FLAIR!

We experience our lives daily :). With my focus on a WellFit Lifestyle, there are a few areas that must be explored, reviewed, rebuilt and/or developed. Here in lies the opportunity to be consistent and go for what is great. Real life, everyday!
Hope you are planning to participate. I AM!
Warm up: 15-12-9 calories evil bike, squats w/bootstrappers wrapped in there
Strength: Deadlift 3x5 @175# solid work, not ready to over do it here

WORK: 3 RNDs Max effort
Row for cals 20, 20, 18
Ring dips (band assisted) 21, 18, 16
KB Swing @ Rx 16kg Russian 40, 39, 40
Core: 30 each bench raises/ghd back xtn
Very FGB  structure. Damn. Pleased that I could sort of keep my pace, but definitely work to be done here. Happy to be back in this environment. Fits like a glove. Excellent!

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