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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tear It Up, Tear It Down

 It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals

Who's with me?!  Anyone else out there old? Just a little?
Those of you who are my old friends, yes, I know I don't even have to ask!

Cash In: 400M Medball Run or sub 400M Row
10 Ab Mat Situps
10/10 Windmills – light or no weight
10 Good Mornings
10 Inch Worm Pushups
10 Seated Rolls
10 Alternating Side Lunges
10 Lateral Plate Raises

Mobility - 6 minutes of Thoracic spine, hip, quad, hamstring

Love me some couch stretch today :) then hit the wall for some figure 4 ooch love

MetCon - 15 minute cap

Cluster WOD
3 Rounds For Time:
Went 75# here - bad air quality felt like choking it up a little less than deep, plus might be too hard for me to get this weight for 3 rounds right now. Rest in motion!
  • 8 Floor Press 
  • 8 Clusters 
  • 18 Lemon Squeezers (V ups)
  • 400 M Run
Rnd 1-3:59, Rnd 2, 8:19, Rnd 3 finished @12:29
So, might have been able to heavy it up just a tad. But all in all I think this was the right call today.

Strength - 10 minute cap

Bench Press warm up- 1×3@ 30%
Bench Press warm up- 1×3@60%
Bench Press warm up- 1×3@70%
Bench Press 3×8@75#

Goal: Increase 1RM to BW (125#), follow the program, just follow the plan. Just keep working and they will come. Form, patience & breathe.

AMRAP in remaining time:
10 behind the neck press (empty barbell)
8 GHD situps or 16 Ab Mat Situps
8 GHD Back Extensions or 1MIN Superman Hold
8/8 Leg Swings (over object waist height)

1 round done

MOS - Tear It Down Tuesday
3 Rounds for time:
  • 50 Double unders
  • Row 200
  • 8 Weighted step ups (40# sandbag)
  • Row 200
  • 8 Goblet ssquats (12kg/26#)
  • Row 200 - meant to look at my average row at the end … next time

Okay, NOW I am done! Time to eat, a lot.

Reading: Restoration Handbook
Key point of the day: Do as much meditative work as physical work to keep things in balance.

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