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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New Way to Think

Week 3, Day 1

I haven't logged in a while here. Will update over the next week. Finishing out swim season is always a challenge where time looses :) and some things just have to hold.

Decided to take on Nia Shanks Beautiful BadAss A.D.D. program which seemed appropriate with champs on the horizon, my time really tight and well, basically, LIFE!

So the combination has been Strength - BBA, Skill - Mainly Macebell & Conditioning CFA L1 or X classes. It has actually been a really great combination and coming into the third week I am pretty stoked.

Warm up
1-10-1 Double Under ladder - just continued work on control

5 RNDs
1 strict pull up
3 strict dips
5 Push ups on the KBs
10 KB swings 16kg

Strength set
10x3 of each movement
Deadlift @185# - damn these felt heavy today
Evil wheel roll out and back

Form felt good on both moves, just had to take my time to do the work on each.

Macebell training
Legs On Fire
3 RNDs
Squat 40 R/L 20 with bell on (each side)
Plyo lunges R/L 20 (each side)
DBL KB Suitcase DL w/sprawl on bell (16kg each side) 30 reps
Back lunges 20 (each side)
Squats 40 R/L 20 with bell on (each side)

Damn this is a burner workout. A fast pace is tough to maintain so kept consistent no breaks but buckets of sweat by the last movement.

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