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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gear Up!

Sunday - enjoyable rest day with hubby ;)

Monday - I LOVE Mondays, there, I said it! Fresh new week to have tons of fun. You just never know what's just outside the radar.

Today it was Randy. Can't remember the last time we go together for a quickie ~

Wall ball toss 10x3 (underhand, chest pass, overhead)
Just missed out on later burpees...darn canyon traffic. Breathe and get to it.
3 rounds:
10 quad sprawls - hmmm
10 meter toy soldiers
10 ring rows

Double Unders
10 minutes practice
Really good worked on the 1-10 ladder.
Max @ 40 today, some random jumping mixed in there.

Snatch 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Well, missing is okay, but getting past that 85# mark is a bit tough right now. All in good time. Lifts felt good otherwise.

“Randy” – 75 power snatches for time (75#/55#)

5:14 - I am pleased. Felt great, just work on some V02Max and this will get faster. Strategy was 5x10 & 5x5, went pretty well, but had to break the l5x5 into 3x7 and a 4.

Why Weightlifting Shoes? the quick lifts

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