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Friday, July 30, 2010

Can't wait to get in there and GET SOME!

Friday Finale
Champs tomorrow! This is a much needed stress relief. No time for swim yardage this week. Hope I am not too sore for the coaches race tomorrow ;-). Go DOLPHINS!

Five rounds for time of:
40 Double-unders
30 Box jumps, (20" box)
20 Kettlebell swings,  (1 pood, 16 kg/35#)

Do it right. Do it fast. See ya in the box!

It was a tough day at the end of a hard wod week...everyone I coached today put in a full effort and was spent, sweating and ready to head home and recover. Water and stretching were the recommended parting notes for our Friday members along with a good post wo meal.

Personal time 18:04 Rx

Whipped a few of those dbl unders on the arm, yep, that'll leave a mark! Box jumps felt good, swings overhead. Big cramp in my side during the last round. Must breathe a bit deeper I think, the last round was a test of stamina.

Wendel 5/3/1
Wk1 - complete

1 Rope climb was all I had in me today.

100 Challenge
Dbl Unders - additional 30 (broken)
Push ups - (broken) 30 ouch after the last couple of wods too.


  1. Well, we did open the front and have the fan on, but it was only cool in theory, ahahhaa. Good WOD, almost as good as yesterday's beater.