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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun weekend WOD - Teamwork!


A. squats
B. push-ups
C. pull-ups - workinng on butterfly form so rotated in with kipping
E. Run 400 meters

Each group of four athletes will each start the Gauntlet at one of the four stations with each athlete starting at a different station. At “3, 2, 1, Go...”, the athlete starting at station ‘E’ will run 400 meters while the other three athletes work at their assigned station counting each repetition at their station.

Upon return of the runner, all athletes rotate to the next station with the runner taking the ‘A’ station. Continue rotating through the stations upon each runner’s return keeping count of each rep completed. The workout ends when each person has completed each station three times.

Score by total reps completed. = 351
Total time: 23:35 minutes

Doosey after this week...every muscle is a bit tight and sore. Looking forward to a good stretch and a day off ;-).

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