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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traps on fire!

Feeling the last two WOD's today. Tension headache, traps on fire, heat, damn! Don't feel like taking the day off, but will not push it and add work on skills.


1RM 100#
Bummer, it wasn't a struggle but the next weight up just didn't feel right. Since I am in no injury mode...attempt foiled. Next time~

Skills work:
OHS 45# 20
Rope climb - to the knot
Deck squats 20 - come on pistol!
Handstand hold 1 min
KB Snatches R/L 12kg/26# - 10 ea
Dbl Unders - 18 consecutive, 50 total

100 Challenge
21 Dbl Unders
21 Push ups

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