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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Damn, Damn, DAMN!

Didn't feel bad about today's WOD, actually a good one. But my form was crap! WTF? I am ususally so focused on form. So I got demoted in weight, even though I asked not to. I WAS PEEVED~ It was the right call, but I was so fired up...I left and came back for a second deal.

5/3/1 Push Press (damn issues on that form too, jerk!) Max 80

30 Box Jumps
20 Deadlifts (205/135) - 2 rnds 135, 1 rnd 115


R1M - damn happy with my run 7:46 weighted 10# vest whole wod
40 pull ups/40 bar dips
100 squats unbroken!

Oh, so then I find out this is a fraction of Luce! Found it scribbled on a sticky note but took the run as a mile and only one round...must have been a SEAL Fit warm up - ahahaha! Now does that mean I had two crappy WOD's since I didn't even get the second one right?

It's all good. Tomorrow will be awesome!

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