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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Headed out today for a much anticipated WOD. Not because of the programming, just anxious to get something done after yesterday's lack of enthusiasm.

Yeah! Deadlifts, does that mean I will bomb again or is my ego restored and form as well.

3, 2, 1...GO!

Great WOD

7 Deadlifts (135#)
7 Pull ups

6:26 - felt great! Let's do it again! Followed up with Tabata flutter kicks, 12 on last round - yep felt that after Annie.

Hung around long enough to get roped into a second WOD ;-)

L KB Snatch (35#)
HSPU - dbl ab mat status
R KB Snatch

7:51 - all in all, not a bad day. will want to keep getting deeper into those HSPU. a good idea to add that into my warm up throughout the week.

Capped it off with dbl meat and a large mixed green salad. NICE!

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