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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mobilizing with Intent

Thanks K-star! Excellent message today~
Mobility WOD

Hey Mobility Kings/Queens,

Today's piece is a dirty laundry list of basic upper body mobility. The problem with this list, is that it has no focus (that will be clear in the video) and no intent. Failure to provide for test/retest, context, time, quality, etc are the very reasons athletes don't mobilize. Depth is far more important than breadth. Think about Bikram Yoga for example. The same 23 poses are used in the same order, forever. We can't make this mistake. Everyone adapts initially. One of my coaches makes the point that beginners can improve their squat by simply riding a bike.

We can do better. Simplicity, context, observability , measurability, and repeatability rule.

If you can't see change, there is no change.

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