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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oly Moly!

Yep, that's what I am calling today's WOD. When I saw it online I was so stoked. I was a bit delusional though thinking that there was ascending and descending going on at the same time. Should have paid better attention ;-)

Armed with my new Wicked Fit T from Boston CF, I was feeling up to the challenge. Good friends, old friends, new friends...

50 Back squat (95/65)
25 Pull-ups
40 Back squat (115/75)
20 Pull-ups only I did 30 pull ups...
30 Back squat (135/95)
15 Pull-ups
20 Back squat (155/105)
10 Pull-ups
10 Back squat (175/115)
5 Pull-ups
18:34 Rx
  • Sooooo much room for improvement.
  • I had 3 no reps on the BS and the last one was not welcome...though I did earn them all and I am sure a few that went under the radar.
  • Arm still sore and could have strung a few more pull ups together.
  • I now see all the places that I could have shaved time off. Breathing for example ;-)
  • But holy moly...that was a ton of work.
  • Felt great. Feels a bit tight right now but well worth the effort.
The first thing I thought of when joining the group at the coffee shop was...MORE LIKE THAT! Then I got out of my car and took a step and had to giggle.
working on Jump Around - flight simulator
got up to 25 DU

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