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Monday, November 8, 2010


Had the opportunity to visit CrossFit Avalanche in beautiful Lake Tahoe North Shore! Cool! Training in altitude is quite and experience.

1 min plank
30 sec side plank ea
30 sec Mtn Climbers

Row 500
30 Push Press 65#
30 Squat
30 Burpees - yeah!

Now, I can catch my breath. The row was good 1:49 until 300, then I tanked and was gupling air. Yikes. Transitioned to PP and broke them into 3 sets of 10, pretty standard. Squats, just get that butt down every time. Burpees, well here it got interesting. 15, 12 and I just couldn't eek out those last 3 without gasping for air. But all in all, it was a really fun group. Great training and I would definately head back for more hypoxic fun ;-).

In less than 10 minutes I felt like I had been skiing all day. But we following it up with a 3 mile hike at 7,000ft and it was a breeze with a stunning view!

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