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Friday, May 6, 2011

Athlete's Choice ;-)

Scoured around for a little ring dip ditty and here is what I found.

3 Cleans 100#
6 Pull up
9 Ring Push up

Ended up being 5RFT w/C2B

Oh yeah. This was fun ;-). Though the gals shortened it to 5 RFT and added C2B. I would have liked to do the 7RFT...but conformed ;-). So added in a KB wod later of:

TGU work w/20# bell - 5 minutes

5 RFT (12kg/26# bell on these)
  • 5 Clean & Jerk each arm
  • 5 Squat to Thruster
  • 5 Swing to High Pull each arm
  • 5 Windmill each side
  • 5 V ups

Now that's what I'm talking about! Good wod day~

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