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Monday, June 20, 2011

Howdy Partner!

8x50 on the minute
2x100 :20
Stretch out, cool off. Wait patiently for tomorrow's CFE swim.

Warm up
Halo 10x each way
Around the World 10X each way
Push ups on the bell, one handed 10 each side

No foolin' around today, straight to work.

5-1 Renegade Rows (25#)
10-2 DB Push press (25#)
15-3 DBL KB Swings (25#)

5 Renegade Rows/10 DB Push press/15 DBL KB Swing
4 Renegade Rows/8 DB Push press/12 DBL Swing

While you are doing the work your partner is doing active recovery.
5 sets - Jump rope, Mtn Climbers, Jumping Jacks, Clapping Jacks, Burpees

A little treat on the side ;)
Fox Exits the Den
This would have been an simple 2+ rounder, fun fun fun, but with the work earlier today...I did one round and called it good.

KB Figure 8 to Hold - 8 minutes

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