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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where did the week GO!

Good WOD today

10 DBL Press 20#
10 DBL Bent over rows
15 DBL Swing
20 Squat jumps

DBL Floor Press (20#) 2x20
Single leg DL w/DBL KB's (26#/12kg) 2x20

Skill work
Burgener warm up
Transfer skills
Oly Snatch

July KB Skill
Goblet squat - 8 minutes


Figure 8 to Hold (R/L = 1 rep)
Bar dips

23:14  - Talk about sweat! I brought it all today. Excellent wod. I was able to run the pyramid unbroken and THAT made me happy ;-).

Farmers Market before the whole deal and NOW I am ready for a new concoction of summer squash, farm fresh eggs and cilantro.

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