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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to the Work

Only Sunday and it feels like work.

CFE Swim
Morning swim on tri schedule:500 on CFE Tempo/TT speed.
750 on the tri schedule, swam Combat Side Stroke to round it out with the extra 250.
Hit the 750 and was feeling good, so went to 1000m and mixed in some basic kick drills.
Working on site breathing a bit as it is really different that stroke breathing.

Buy-in: OHS Warm up, Burgener Warm up, Snatch Balance

3x3 warm up set Power Snatch, 45/55/65 - really work on the third pull
3x3 Power Snatch @65# Rx

603 PTP:
  • Deadlift (WM sets) 175/155
  • Press (WM sets) 55/50
Cash-out: Row 500x3,  6:03 - been awhile since I have been on the rower, played a bit with form. will still work on it, not consistent.

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