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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tahoe Blu

An unexpected day of super fun! Tahoe for breakfast at the Squeeze In, paleo style omelet aka Hot Sweaty Busboy (choose your own ingredients), mmmm.

Off to Northstar Village for some Rollerskating, could I do it?? It has been quite a while, but, MUST keep up with my 10 year old. First 15 minutes were all about getting acclimated again, balance. Play time!

Took a break to hit the trail alongside the Truckee River. Watching the numbskull rafters, yikes...got in a 10 mile 30  minute bike ride and it felt GREAT! So, got in a little training for the day and it was the only thing on my schedule. Since the tri ride is only 11 miles, it is perfect. Didn't feel the elevation at all.

Weather was perfect, breeze, family, fun. Ahhh. Off to the Bridgetender for an afternoon bite and back to the village to finish out the Rollerskating experience under the stars.

Now THAT was a playday ;-).

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