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Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving on~

Great unexpected workout today at the local gym CoolFitness ;)

I had planned to get it done outside of the canyon, but popped in for a run on the loop and happened to get in the last WOD there. All closed down getting ready to move across the street, a new beginning.

Buy-in: Dislocates & rotational dislocates

603 PTP:
  • Deadlift (wm up set 3x3) work - 170x3, 150x5
  • Press (wm up set 3x3) work - 55x3, 50x5
So um, feeling yesterday's Bear Complex, yep, I can say sore today. Work was still good though the presses felt heavy, hope I can wash my hair.

Cash-out: 7 RFT 21 squats, 14 KTE, 3 MU (subbed 4 pull, 4 tri push ups) - 9:36 very fun!

4 RNDS B2B Tabatta -simulate bike, which is still non operational for training ;( then 20 minute run. Oh yes, welcome back GRIP.

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