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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's the PLAN?!

Stick with the plan ;).

Don't get sidetracked with some of the cool WOD's that look too good to miss! There is plenty of time, sometimes you just have to let them go, revisit on another day or know it will come around again! Stick with the plan ;).
  • Dynamic warm up
  • Box jumps on my fav granite rock
  • Run 3o minutes: Olmstead loop those hills just make a difference! Good run this am though, that last mile of the tri is gonna be a B!
  • Roll out: SMR Primary 3 (Network Fitness)

603 WOD @ CFRV

  • Buy-in: 100 Jump rope, 2x (10 squat, 10 push up, 10 pull up)
  • WOD: The Bear Complex - 10 minute AMRAP @ 65# (31 full good quality reps)
  • Cash-out: Tabata sit ups (thanks Amy), Mobility WOD
CFE Swim:
Long Intervals
6-100yd on the 2:00

Planning/Programming the thing to DO! Be smart, have FUN~

Well, I seem to have a bit going on for the end of the summer, but I am doing my best to be smart and plan well. Deciding to do a triathlon on the fly, well let's just say...I 'might' be able to pull it off without training, but that doesn't really work for me. I like to have a plan so that I can find my flexibility in training, have fun and not give up what I want to do.

Running two programs concurrently and starting a new sport. Hmmmm. So, my 603 PTP 1RM and taper for the Triathlon are all in the same week. I feel confident that all will be well. My only challenge is not looking at the whiteboard in the box. UNLESS it is on WOD day ;), then I can make an informed decision on scaling or turning on the gas or whatever! Lifts mesh nicely, even workout run/row seem to be good in the overall program. I just need to watch energy expenditure and truly take my rest/recover days seriously. The boxing drills I am squeezing in only two days a week and less on the heavy bag more shadow boxing for muscle memory until mid-September. I can't wait to tackle that program full time! Something to look forward to and add a more KB training in on that rotation.

Al-rightly then!

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