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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Helen

So, we meet again. I think I have missed the last couple of times we did Helen in the box. Including yesterday... oh so close!

Buy-in: 5 RNDS of easy Cindy, ahhhh she's a beaut.

Mobility WOD: from yesterday footstrike. Good repeat, feeling the 30 minutes of running yesterday.

603 PTP:
Day 15
  • Deadlift (wm 95x5-125x5-145x5) 165x3, 145x5
  • Press (wm 35x5-45x5-55x5) 60x5, 55x5
Cash-out: Helen - 3 RFT 400Run, 21 KB Swing 16kg/35lbs, 12 Pull ups - Rx
PR'd @ 9:36/keep getting better!

Cycle: Tempo ride (1hour)

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