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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Team RxChix! CIM Here We Come ;)

We are 'Team RxChix' and we are ready to train! Okay, all signed up for the CIM Relay with my peeps from CFRV (Camille, Krista & Duffy). I plan to track training, recovery and nutrition here for the next 8 weeks.

Give me a shout out if you are lurking around and are an endurance athlete of any kind! This will be my first 10K and it feels like a stretch. Running has never really been my 'thing' when it comes to fitness. I enjoy a run on the trails here and there, this time of year the landscape is such a treat. I do the WOD runs, did a trail/adventure run for the Super Spartan 8mi amongst the dozen obstacles (in the rain/cold/sleet of lovely southern California foothills), ran a 5K in the triathlon, but never really just run for distance or fun.

So, this is a challenge. I plan to step back a little and incorporate POSE running consciously. I feel like I really only dabble and I will be looking for some additional coaching. While I have no aspirations of running a marathon, I would like to get to 21K (aka 13.1) next year and improve each of my benchmarks along the way. I'm IN and hope to learn and grow through this training cycle.

ROM The Maxwell Daily Dozen
Perfect length warm up for a Long Interval workout.
  1. Hula Hoop Circles
  2. Pelvic Tilt & Rolls
  3. Front/Back Bending
  4. Lateral Bending
  5. Qi Gong
  6. Spinal Wave
  7. Shoulder Rotations
  8. Arm Circles
  9. Boot Strappers
  10. Pumps (downdog/updog)
  11. Cossack Squats
  12. Table Top

CFE Long Interval
Thought I would go TT today, however, it is the full distance I am training for. So backed it up.

Track run - 2x1M, Rest 4minutes
Mile 1 - 8:55
2:10 - not sure how to pace myself on these, picked it up a bit.

Mile 2 - 8:07

SEAL Grinder PT yoga cool down

Handstands - up to 5 second hold
Cartwheel R/L hahahaha on the left!

Time to cut down or cut out coffee. Start tracking caloric intake for first week on Livestrong.

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