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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Up, up & ... up

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
~Napoleon Hill

Yes, I am feeling a week of work. I like it. As I told my sister who is the newest CFer of our family, you only get two weeks to complain about being sore, then just know it is going to happen ;).

While my two weeks of rowing volume & TGU's is not quite up. I just need to know that I am going to be feeling it combined with my box WODs and take my rests and enjoy them!

Order of today's fun:

Broken down by C2 WOD (which was 5/1000m multi effort, I modified distance)

1005 @22/23 spm - this was hard to keep low
1011 @24/25 spm - better pace for me but still hard to keep low on pace
1003 @ 26/27 spm - nice flow here
504 @ 34 spm - just go fast ;)

I really had to work at keeping pace on these it was a good lesson on 'how' and I could feel the different levels of effort. I will do this again! Now, I just need to learn more about damper position and where to go low/med/high.

TGU @12kg
4R, 4L, 4R, 4L

Anyone, anyone? Anyone else doing these? Volume isn't too high, but I am feeling the effort in these consecutive.

Deadlift 12 sets of 2 (yes even after yesterday's mash up)
@60% 135#

Modified CFRV but perfect for the DE lift day

Run 200 (while my partner jumped rope)
10 KB Front Squats DBL @ 16kg each
10 Good Mornings 35# bar

Went with the DBL KB because I didn't have the right bar weight. Stabilize that core baby, different core engagement here and 70# was a treat.

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