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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Only As Strong...

...as my weakest lift ~

Today's work was awesome!

I did not begin the day raring to go though. Here's how it went down...

Had a restless night sleep.
Woke up 5:15am sore from yesterdays work. Not crippling, but really feeling it upper body!
Not hungry, but did not feel well digested. Think I ate too late.
Coffee, this morning a must.

KB Work

2RNDS 16kg/35#
20 Swings
10 Deck Squats
20 Cleans (10 each side)
20 Figure 8 to Hold (10 each side)
20 Alternating Lunges (10 each side)
1 TGU = 1R/1L
20 Sit ups
10 Push ups
20 Snatch (10 each side - do not alternate)
10 Burpees

Class dismissed ;). Great work


Tired today on the rower. Hit 1500 rested 1 min then plowed through the remaining 2000. Get it done and stop looking at the numbers. I am no longer feeling like I have to break at 500's or 1,000, that is actually a win in my book. I am no longer in sprint mode either. It's hard to switch gears and I will use a strategy going forward. Keep following the WODs on C2. Headphones really helped today!

Finished up the 7 reps post KB work.
3 Barbell Getups (R/L) - this was cool. 20# bar, balancing it was a good experience! Nice.

Took a few minutes here. Contemplating the workout. Do I break here, take my sore body home and come back tomorrow? Today's tabata mash up will be a great compliment to DL/Squat DE, but....no, that is not the recipe, is it.

The Bear Complex

Working up 45/65/85/95/105/115 fail
Note to self: work on the clean ;)

Tabata Mash up
DB Thruster
KB OHSwing
Box jumps

Now I am done. Tired, sweating and ready to go home. Looking forward to a hot shower ;). Missed my peeps today.

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