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Friday, January 27, 2012

Farmer Annie

5 Ball Circles each side
5 Half Moon Ball Slams
5 Vertical Ball Toss

I used 3 different sized balls, same size for an entire round. Each movement I had my favorite size and they were not all the same! Ball circles were the hardest movement on this one!

Striking - Used the Heavy Bag for these. Jab, Punch & Hook drills mainly.
3/3 minute rounds

Farmer's Carry 400 16kg
50 Dbl Unders/Sit ups
40 Dbl Unders/Sit ups
30 Dbl Unders/Sit ups
20 Dbl Unders/Sit ups
10 Dbl Unders/Sit ups
Farmers Carry 400 16kg


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