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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Burpee Re-Do - Yay!

Well, I STILL love burpees ;) and I am not a nutjob.

Repeated Open WOD 12.1 today and happy with the results. While I thought I was shooting for 100, I just didn't know where I was in the WOD. So, coaching/motivation would be super helpful if I am going to go for my absolute best along the Open journey ;). Don't think the counter is the right person for the job, because the counter has to count and as a counter it is hard to do both. I will ask for this next round, now that I know what I want. There are certainly enough people around to help push through the mental game.

Hit 21 in the first minute, felt great. Kept up the pace then got lost ... I heard the count, but where was I? Just keep going! Halfway I was still on track, then ... just kept going, no more referencing or goals to shoot for. Though I was tired, I think I could have eeked out 5 more during that last half if my brain knew what to tell my body to do. While I could certainly do this one again (I actually have enjoyed it!) and would feel like I would improve again, I am looking forward to a lift tomorrow.

95 burpees in 7 minutes with a 6" overhead target both hands hit
  • top 12% masters women (since I miss this age group by only 16 days I am keeping my eye on where I would fall)
  • top 25% individual women (10k posted so far)

Let's see how it all shakes out at the end of the day tomorrow ;) and pray for KB's and double unders! I hope that a majority of the peeps registered actually participate.

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