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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burpee Hell WOD 6pen 12.1

Fortune favors the prepared mind. ~Louis Pasteur

7 minutes of Burpees touching a target 6" above the head.
Total reps 85
Goal 75+

Yeah, the video below would have been helpful to review before doing the WOD this evening. I will definitely do this before the next time I give it a go on Saturday or Sunday.

Woke up excited about it but feeling tight and tired. No rest this week, not good planning knowing the Open was on it's way. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to fit it in the schedule and where as all times scheduled I have conflicts with this week. I could not rush down to the early workout which I would have preferred. So, came down for the evening session. I knew that I had to get it done today. No days off yet this week + second day of fasting did not equal my best. But, I did go into it with a goal and beat that, all things considered, so I feel good with my first pass.

Also, I will set up differently and be more aware of where I am during the time. I did not stop, but I couldn't get a groove on where I was. I was looking for my reps at a minute, but when I called out for time it was over, I was at about 19 @1:10 and that was good, halfwayish I was around 46, would have liked to gotten there sooner. I felt weezing soon after that and I felt keeping pace was best. Legs felt just fine, not burning, but the biggest challenge was hitting the tennis ball with both hands, I felt off balance while trying to find it and taking steps to get reset rather than just hitting the bar and landing, repeat. The bar was higher than 6" but I had no trouble getting up there. Both hands on the tennis ball was the standard, so I felt that I spend more time than I need be.

Recovery was welcome, Fran cough :( as I am hearing many are experiencing. But already anxious to do it again ;) and shoot for 100!

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