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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Climb & Climb Again

"All men dream, although not in the same way. The ones who dream by night in the dusty shelters of their minds, wake up the next day and discover that it was just vanity; but the ones who dream by day are dangerous men, because they can represent their dreams with the eyes open to make them possible." ~ Lawrence, T. E., 1922

No 411 on the team work for the day, so a few of us were able to get together and we decided to do a variation of a current WOD. It would have been day 4 and a rest day for me so, it was all good! 

5 RNDs
1 Rope Climb
10 Wall ball 14# - wow, been awhile since I have done these. groove it!
20 Abmat Sit ups
40 Double unders

We didn't run this for time, but finished around 13 minutes. Rotating order so that we could all use the rope. Post workout, continued to work on form on the climbs. Got in another 5 solid. Felt good, trying not to use too much pull and wide feel on the way down. Keep practicing and go for speed in the next session. Thanks to sweetie girl M for my adorable good luck charm ;) ~ 

DE Backsquats on the Dynamax Ball
 @ 85#

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