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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make it Stick w/KBs

Make it Stick

4 min jump rope
So, I did 4 minutes of jump rope ... then the rest of the warm up! Duh! But, I am glad I stuck it out.

Hand 2 Hand Drills 2 RNDS 10 each/side
Around the world, Hot potato, Sling shot, Figure 8, Flips! I did flips with both hands!!

Plank on Bell
Harder than I thought 30 sec x2

½ kneeling halo
I went with the knee on a sandbag, working on the in-line legs and balance.

3x5 @ 16kg

Round 1: 10 of each on each side if applies
Round 2: 30 seconds of each on each side if applies
Round 3: 10 of each on each side if applies
Swing: med/high
Squat: deep/jumping
Side plank: active/crunch each side
Mountain climbers 20 each side on TRX
Kneeling press: each side
Thruster: each side/goblet

So enjoyed this workout for a Sunday morning! Really felt more like a treat. Great warm up, skills, fun and definitely work in there, but ... yeah for me!

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