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Monday, May 28, 2012

Put It Into Overdrive 5x5

Right ... like I need a new program to follow. This one, I finished reading and it just seems too simple (not easy) not to do during swim season. Perfect timing to hybrid with Burgener, which I plan to tip my toe into tomorrow. I like the way it begins with focus on form and not weight or volume. It might get a little sticky as the weight gets up there ... I am looking at incorporating some help and finally nailing these darn lifts.

StrongLifts 5x5

Basically, Mehdi says, just start on the closest Monday reading the report. Ok. I can do that. There is an initial ramp up phase of 12 weeks and then you get to hit the Intermediate or Advanced when progress changes. Excellent learning opportunity, just like Burgener, different lifts.

Follow an A/B rotation 3x a week.
To follow the program correctly you must do 2 warm up sets and get your ego out of the way, start with the bar and do it all in order.
Rest 1 minute between sets until you need more rest, then go up to 5 minutes.
Bent row should start @65#.
DL is warm up + 1x5.

Strength A

Squat @45# 5x5
Bench @ 45# 5x5
Bent Row @65 5x5

... and done. Good one for a holiday, post KB and pre-metcon. I will work the met-cons in 2-3x a week appropriately.

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