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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Run 400
5 Pull ups, dead hang

KB Workday ;)!
All UNBROKEN sets - yay!

4 RNDs - NFT
A1: 20  Dbl KB Power Swing 12kg each
A2: 10 Deck squat (heels tight to glutes)
A3: 20 Dbl Clean 12kg each
A4: 20 Squat
A5: 20 Fig 8 to Hold - still my fav!
A6: 20 Alt Low lunges
A7: 2 TGU L
A8: Plank hold :30
A9: 2 TGU R
A10: 10 T stabilization push ups
A11: 10 Snatch L
A12: Side Plank hold :30 ES
A13: 10 Snatch R
A14: 10 Burpees - Yay! Ugh!

Whew! Talk about drenched in sweat. GREAT morning ~

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