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Monday, June 18, 2012

Snatch It Squat It

Meditation trail walk 1.25
Really liking these! Good hills, great focus.
Beautiful sunrises. Quiet contemplation and a few affirmations ;)!

Practice was a bit kadywampus but all in all a good way to start the week! 

A bit of rest, drop off the young-un and down for a real WOD.

5 minutes EMOM
5 Burpees - yay!
:20 seconds bottom squat hold

Great breeze out but it is already hot.

Hang squat snatch

Got up to a solid 75# on this. Excellent form working, finally.

Kept the weight here for a full Snatch on the wod. 2-2-2-2-2 (and an extra because it was good!) 2

Feel the slow start, hips down, shoulders up, good shrug, fast turnover, and other than a little wiggly in the bottom, good depth. Progress made over all this time, happy.

EMOM 15 minutes Backsquat @105# Below depth, back in the hamstrings. GOOD, sweat dripping, legs burning, good.

Monster quad stretch, both sides, ahhhh.
Wall figure 4.

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