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Monday, June 11, 2012

Stick To The Plan

Tired as I am, today is about sticking to the programming ;). Once I got into it, all was fine. I am in full adjustment mode!

3 hours on deck. Love it! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Adjust eating schedule too. Now I get the term, feeding, really, it bothered me for a long time but now I really understand the meaning.

Knew that a PM cycle was coming with the swim schedule being so early. Need to get my head wrapped around it a bit. Nice that I began a new strength program through the adjustment. Still sticking to the M/W/F, skill, strength, metcon. Now with the insight from CJ, there might be some further tweaking through the summer. Super excited!

On schedule! 5x5 A
Squat 70#
Bench 60#
Bent row 80#

3RNDs 1st RND 16kg, 2nd+ RND 12kg
10 Snatch R
10 Swing R
10 Clean R
Plank 30 seconds
10 Snatch L
10 Swing L
10 Clean L

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