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Monday, October 8, 2012

Honor Work/Honor Rest ;)

The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden, heaven is a playground. 
- GK Chesterton

Fun, fun, fun. Not that this new training cycle isn't fun, but hey, there is a time to work and a time to play ;)! This week I have some new things that I want to try during active recovery and rest. I feel good after this first cycle.

Rope climbs & drills

4x4 Rope Waves & Pulls Battling Rope Workout

Perform each 4x4 set with no rest in between exercises and 60-90 sec rest in between sets.

I did the rounds for 45 seconds and 15 to adjust to next movement with 60 sec rest between sets.

Ropes are a new thing for me and this was my first go at it. Very fun! I used a lighter rope and kept my heart-rate mid range as this is de-load week and I am not suppose to be on the ground for any reason.

A1: Shuffle Waves - 4 x 30-60sec
A2: Alt Hand Pull - 4 x 30-60sec
A3: In & Out Waves - 4 x 30-60sec
A4: Mounted Waves - 4 x 30-60sec
B1: Drag Pull Forward - 4 x 30-60sec
B2: Rope Twist - 4 x 30-60sec
B3: Seated Over Shoulder Pull - 4 x 30-60sec
B4: Fat Grip Waves - 4 x 30-60sec
C1: Drag Pull Backward - 4 x 30-60sec
C2: 2-Hand Twist - 4 x 30-60sec
C3: Side Pull - 4 x 30-60sec
C4: Rope Hook - 4 x 30-60sec

2 mile AirDyne @ low RPM
I made it! Taking the effort down a bit sure makes a difference.

Happy day!

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