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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Understanding My "Why"

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, 
chances are it will burn very briefly.  ~Steven Covey

A little off in posting. Okay, WAY off ;). The L2 workouts have been stellar but logging in more than one location takes time! I will catch up a bit here and recommit to my accountability. Cut, paste and enjoy the benefits of technology.
Busy is really no excuse. Sometimes you just have to re-assess. You know the drill, but do you remember the why? Is there a course correction up ahead or are things moving along just fine but are still worthy of a check point?

As a teenager I remember going to church with my grandfather one holiday season and he was furious with me for not using the weekly missalette. Well, I pretty much knew what it said, all the years of repeating the same thing. But what I was missing was they WHY  I was saying this, week after week? Not just because I was told that was how I was suppose to do it. But my investment in the process, my connection. Where was the passion for the words and actions? When do you buy-in?! It is not always provided by the congregation/community, sometimes you have to dig deep and find the fire within.

 It is the “why” that makes life worth living. The "how" is the process. The routine. The day to day aspects of life. Still important, but not the spark that gets things going. From family, to friends, to peers and clients ... why go out there into the world each day?

I love to see people succeed! I get excitement from helping them strive to reach their goals and dreams.
The joy for helping others along their path toward a better life drives me forward every day. I love challenging myself to accomplish new and exciting things and using that experience to inspire others to do the same. Talk about lighting a fire! There it is, my “why”.

A couple gems from last week:

C3, Wk2, D4
VO2 Max KB Swing 5 minutes
5x5 Walking Lunges 65/75/85/95/105
5x5 Kneeling Press 55/65/75/85f/75
KB AbXtn w/touch overhead 3x15
50 Burpee to Toes thru Rings
Felt that workout the next day!

Track Day
Run 2 miles
SEALgrinderPT warm up
800 pace, 800 w/100yd sprints, 800 pace
Beautiful sunny day. Perfect for a family spin at the track.

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