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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Keep Swinging

"Spirit ... has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle." ~Unknown

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This is the time when I find myself asking, hmmm ... I am doing this because, why? Well, fortunately, this being the 3rd year of participating in this challenge, I have been here before and I have an answer!

Taking on any challenge should include the why. Otherwise the staying-power can get a little weak and the opportunity for failure or sabotage becomes stronger. So, sometimes because it sounds cool, just isn't going to stand up to the temptations to skimp or quit when the going gets tough.

The first week is exciting, planning cool workouts, getting all the math done, fitting in rest days, finding my flexibility in the path to 10,000 in 31. The second week is adaptation and adjustment depending on physically how I am feeling. Stay smart, listen to my body. The third week, well, here is where the mental game really enters in to it for me. I know that I am tired, I have kept up with both CF workouts as well as stay on swing track. Post holiday life is happening, emotions might be rumbling, the SacTown Throwdown is on its way and the Open is looming. Check in. This year, I decided to participate in a crew row on Lake Natomas with some friends and while it was spectacular ... today, the last thing I wanted to do was swing ;). It is definately something I will do again! I am not run down sore, but ... whew, I could have passed to just chill. So, remembering the why here is key. I don't have to go heavy, I don't even have to hit volume, I should spend some active recovery time in today. My week started off a day behind, the L2 work easily creeps up and the intensity of some of last weeks workouts has left my energy a little low coming in to this training week. I felt like I was playing catch up all week. Then, yes, Friday's workout of the Farmer's Carry/HSPU was not the best match right before a few hours of rowing on the lake.

To swing or not to swing. So taking Saturday off was the smart choice ;). I am swinging to improve my fitness, not break it down. To strengthen from the mid-line out and build form, then speed, then strength. I love KBs and practice them with care and this year I want to get that 24kg over my head with 1-arm, either Snatch or Clean & Press. I know that I am powerful enough in the legs for the snatch, but receiving is my concern and I already can Clean the 24kg with both R and L separately, so again the lock out at the top, control ... any injury would be detrimental to this goal. All the work is based on proper loading and lock out, back to basics and foundation in practice of movement. I want to be able to stand strong, even when fatigued or tired, so today I trained fatigue and tired.

Fortunately it was a day hubby wanted to run and my sweetie girl came along with me to support my efforts. The sun was shining and it was a balmy 50 out. I was all slept in and a nourishing egg/butter breakfast under my belt. Yes, coffee was in the mix.

What to do to break through the ice.  I needed a workout plan that I could just do and not think about. Here it was. Break it up, get the work done in the middle but swing in slow and find the heat, then, cool it down and keep it smooth. I really enjoyed this. Warm up and cool down were done outside, soaking up the amazing rays on my skin, feeding my spirit. The L2 work wasn't epic, but it was completed and felt good. Swings in a perfect rep scheme. Excellent. I am so excited that I have earned some rest time during the Throwdown ;).

KB 500
5 RNDs
20 ATW
20 Swing (power)
20 Swing (OH)
20 Snatch R/L (10 es)
20 Figure 8 to Hold (10 es)

Warm up
Rnd1 @ 8kg
Rnd2 @ 12kg

Insert L2 work
Snatch Ladder 45/55/65/75/80
Clean & Jerks @ 85# 14/14
Front Squat 1x20 @85#
Rnd3 ugh @ 16kg - of all things, this was the biggest challenge of the workout

Cool down
Rnd4 @12kg
Rnd5 @ 8kg yay!

7000 down, just a few thousand more to go!! Seriously!

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