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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I've Got A Fever! MORE Kettlebell!

Conditioning #1
Death By ... KB OHSwing 16kg
23 +18 woooo hooo!

Great clip on KB Basics

Clean Complex
10 RNDs
DL, HPC, Squat Clean, Jerk

I know that I was suppose to stay heavy and go heavier, but this week has taken a toll on me and I want to keep form in tact. So made a bit of a game out of the complex here. Felt good. Will hit higher Clean & Jerk weight next week.

Conditioning #2
OPT's Flight Simulator
Double Unders

Ok, the object is not to miss.
You MUST stop in between each section.

THAT was fantastic!! The last time I even attempted this it ended in utter failure. This time I nailed it. An equipment malfunction in the ascending 35 but I was past 30, so just redid. My rope cable came out! Tighten up before you start this one. The rest was a miss at 45 descending and a miss around 30 descending. I was not nearly as tired as I thought I should be after the DBKB, but mainly lost rhythm. Huge success!
Jump Around

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