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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cycle 9 - Already?!

“Change. Adapt. Bend so as not to be broken. Let opportunity guide your actions.” 

Run 1 mi
Just keep doing these, they will someday again be enjoyable ;)

30 (perfect) Snatches - 10@45, 10@55, 10@65
Got into the squat on the first 20, then pwr. How perfect is that?!

EMOTM 10 min
DBL KB Floor Press @16kg
These got hard around 6 min, keeping it even on the way up.

AMRAP 3 min
Floor Press w/bar @75#
This was strange as there is no rack, no spotter which is why I opted for KBs on the EMOTM and I tried them off of the floor. Not optimal but once the bar was up it was ok it was more than 60% but that's ok, the KBs were less than 90%. Compromise!

20 Myotatic sit up
10 Rope pull up (hahaha used seat belt strap, no rope!)

OHCarry 400yds @75#

I cannot believe how tired I was after this work. Low energy afternoon, but had to pony up for the 5pm KB class.

I can't even count this as a workout, but I was sweating and enjoyed the movements for 25 minutes :) So somewhat similar to the crazy row metcon for L2 finisher for D1.

Ball Slams @18#
KB Swing - low heavy 20kg
Figure 8 to Hold 20kg
KB Press R/L @8kg
KB Bent Row @8kg

Running through the GourmetNutrition, Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover, Precision Nutrition. Forgot how much I enjoyed that one! JB, always a pleasure. Picked the 'Classy Chicken' for the post workout feast and a small 'rita'.

Now ... a little BrainGames with the family and bedtime came early. BOOM!


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