When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meaningful Training

meaningful training. intelligent training.
work hard. question everything.
is it worth the cost?
is it making me better?
if not, fucking change it.
~station 515

400 yd sled pull - in my case tire pull/flip
My makeshift sled has some challenges today. I pulled SO hard ... jk ... I actually have changed tires from the tractor size to a low squatty semi & certainly heavier one, which I am struggling with on this distance. It seems it is just as hard on the rope. It just couldn't hold the friction anymore and I went flying into a sprint ahead! So, I ended up flipping it the remainder of the way.

1-10 MU (scaled to bfly pull-ups & tri push ups)
10-100 DU

Ok, so I cried uncle after 7 RNDs of this. Fail, but with good work under my belt. I was stoked about the bfly pull-ups, chin high, good flow, did them unbroken until the 6th round. Tri push was just fine too. DUs were brutal with my fatigued arms. Last two rounds I broke them into sets of 10.

EMOTM 10 min BackSquat @ 90%
Feeling very drained at this point, I took the opportunity to work up on the load.
1-2 @115, 3-4 @ 135, 5-6 @ 145, 7-8 @ 150, 9-10 @ 155

BackSquat 1x20 @ 95# felt so light after that EMOTM until the last 5 ;), shaky

@ CFA Roseville tonight
Deadlift 135#
Box jump 24"

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