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Monday, May 27, 2013

Run, Pull, Push, Squat, Run ...

In other words, MURPH.

I had planned on doing this as an individual, but happily joined a team of wonderful gals and we chipped away at this together. Since I had just done this workout a couple of months ago, it was my intention not to enjoy a 2 day aftermath of recovery.

We changed the volume to accommodate the 'work' with 3 ladies and worked it through from beginning to end, no breaking up sets this time.

I wore a 10# weight vest on this endeavor.

Run 1.5 mile (I took 800s on each end)
200 Pull ups
300 Push ups
400 Squats
Run 1.5

Yes, I am still sore, but with eating more for performance I was not completely energy drained and both the BioForce held me at 100 and green, the OmegaWave at Very Good and Moderate Reserves with a Complete Fatigue Recovery from my trail run. All systems GO!

Each time I do this workout I am reminded that there is much sacrifice from our servicemen that touches my life in ways I cannot even imagine and I am grateful to them and their loved ones.

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