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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Doing Work

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. ~ Frederick Douglass

Jumping off of L2 for a turn. Unless the new schedule comes out and I can't resist. Summer swim is here and my schedule is going to be crazy. I see swings, suspension and some unconventional training in the mix. Let the 'fun' begin!

Indian Club warm up
I am really loving these and have needed it post Murph. Thx Steve Cotter!

Skill/Core work
3 RNDs 15 reps each
  • Suspended Pendulum Swing on TRX
  • Parallette Tuck Jump
  • PVC OHsquat
  • V ups
This was tough. So much control and core on those Pendulum swings.  NICE!

4 Weeks
MMM Full Body Blitz


3 RNDs @12kg
  • A1 3 TGU L
  • A2 10 Clean (too sore to press) L
  • A3 10 Windmill L
  • A4 10 Snatch L
  • A5 10 FSquat L
  • A6 3 GU R
  • A7 10 Clean (too sore to press) R
  • A8 10 FSquat R
  • A9 10 Snatch R
  • A10 FSquat R
  • A11 15 - 2 Hand swing
  • B Wall sit 2x Max
  • C Plank 2x Max
  • D Mtn Climbers attempt 5 minutes - yeah more like 1 minute!
Off to coach swim ;). Love my life!

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