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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweat Glands in High Gear

~ Zig Ziglar

Scorpion Transitions

Um, yeah, mine are not quite this fluid. Loved doing them though, great transitions and now that I am not nearly as active in yoga, I really feel the benefit of opening up the body with these pre workout.

Skill WOD
5 RNDs
3 Rope pulls (no rope at the gym, so tripled the pull and went from ground to standing)
10 HSPU (so so happy, did these with only sandbag as my cush & hit 5x5)

Backsquat 5x5 w/3 second pause
95x5, 115x5, 125x5, 135x5
Max set@ 145 x3 WORK felt great but that's all I had

Sumo Deadlift
Max set @215, yeah!
Failed on 225 but okay with that today :) when 195 feels 'light', happy girl.

3 RNDs
6 Squat cleans @ 75#
6 Atlas stone lifts @70 (ish) - these are tough but worth it
10 GHD Raises - on my hammys

Not really my first choice to hit this whole workout in one session, but I am determined to get it done and this is the way I have to play it today. Could I have gone heavier on the lifts maybe PR without the creeping thought of a load of work ahead ... maybe sir, maybe. On deck for 3 hours coaching and a quick swim this morning. The early schedule is just going to be tough over the next week or so. Let's see how hydration maintains and recovery is via HRV and just go for it!

KB high swing (to forehead not OH, too close to lifts to risk lower back strain) @ 24kg
Burpee over Box Jumps - gawd these sucked!

I think I continued sweating for a good 30 minutes after this and the heatwave was last week. A perfect 77 degree day, cool breeze and I am just pouring it out. While I am sweating on the outside, I am salivating at the post workout carb that I am going to enjoy!

THAT WAS A FANTASTIC TRAINING SESSION. Only thing that would have made it better was to play with someone ;).

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