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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fall Flavor

Determination is defined by your movement.

I am sure that I say this over and over, but ... I LOVE SUNDAY workouts ;). Had to make this one quick and dirty. Family day and lots of stuff to get ready for Christmas.

Warm up
Jumping Jax 110

I know that I am going to like this incorporated into my programming. Feels good to have it in focus. Jump rope transition in a couple of weeks!

Not a big warm up, today's work will pretty much cover full body movement.

December Challenge - Burpees/Plank
I am starting with Hot will move to Bold and finish strong and Spicy!

  • Bold - 50 Burpees, 250 seconds of plank
  • Hot - 75 Burpees, 225 seconds of plank
  • Spicy - 100 Burpees, 200 seconds of plank

Have to say, this is way better than the 10,000M challenge row from the year before last. WAY!

5 RNDs
10 Burpees
50 seconds of plank
3-5 Ab rollouts/evil wheel - so glad these are in today
10 X Mtn Climbers

EMOTM 10 minutes
100M Sprints

Cool part of these is that at the end of each sprint, I picked up a fall leaf to mark my set. Yep, mental WOD too. I know that these hurt the next day ;). Low to no traffic in the back alley so full speed ahead. Too bad no track today.

Had to. Saw this one and felt like a spin. Feeling a little slow on metcons lately, just slow in general.

3 minute AMRAP
5 Box vault - had to add some weights like an over the box movement brought it up to 20"
5 Hanging knee raise
10 KB swing (low & powerful, Russian style)

5 RNDs + 9 swings
SERIOUSLY!!! that last one just got away from me, felt so good to break out a bit!

Food stuff
Triple crock-pot of goodness. Perfect set up for the week. Back to school, regulating the schedule, new lifting cycle and the unknown.

  1. Meatballs
  2. Beef stew
  3. Chicken thighs
Got to finish of an amazing turkey/chicken sausage chili. Seriously, inspired by the Chili Dog Chili recipe from Primal Cravings ... this is going to be a favorite of mine. 

Break on meditation and reading this weekend. Should be all introspective but ... not so much. We took a whirlwind tour on Thanksgiving and Friday was a long trip back ending up in the dry sauna for a long hot drip.

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