When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's ON! Superchick ~

Every woman, no matter how old or who she is, should have a theme song. Men, might call it a fight song. You know, that song that gets you hyped and makes you feel like you can conquer the world? Yeah, one of those. 

I like to consider mine for the year. Things change ... it has been a few years since I have actually chosen one and this year it is time to get my groove on again!

Music empowers, inspires, motivates and gets our creative energy flowing. A feeling that you can conquer the world comes over you as you turn up the volume, open the car window and let your hair blow free in the wind. We put it on replay when we need it most.

Feeling tired. Did some hot/cold therapy and had a light gym session. Yesterday was a bust too. Worked on rope climbs (too long off the rope) and mobility but recovery was still underway within the body (thanks BioForce!) and I just wasn't feeling it. Working through some detox as well, so there is no reason to push.

Decided to get on the heavy bag and shoot some hoops with my sweetie girl. Being outside, sunshine and cool air was refreshing. We have had a couple of these outdoor hoops days and I really like them!

4 RNDs
1 - right side jab punch body shots & kicks each side
2 - left side jab punch body shots & kicks each side
3 - alt include above + add hook
4 - alt add include above + add uppercut

Big dig
Into potato starch today. Some really great information on including this in rotation with safe starches.

Food nuggs
Looking forward to some shredded chicken slow cooked in mustard & thyme
Since going on AIP I am going to give this sweet potato w/cinnamon coconut whip a whirl as well!

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