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Saturday, March 22, 2014

14.4 Row & GO!

~ Robin Williams

I was honestly not looking forward to this one.

Lingering on Friday left me avoiding the WOD and enjoying only a short dry sauna followed by dinner out with hubby. We had a nice glass of wine with a spectacular view of the American River.

Saturday brought more promise, while still sticking to the schedule.

Just do it.

  • 60 Calorie Row - 4:13
  • 50 T2B - didn't get the time on this one
  • 40 Wall ball shots - finished w/3:06
  • 30 Power Cleans - one by one, and time ... these were much heavier than I thought and not pretty but I am glad I have been working on cycling my cleans, that really helped.
  • MU - yeah one would be a party!
But I didn't get quite there, not to mentioned I wasn't actually planning on it, no rings available, so ... 171

I would have liked to get through the cleans, but I am not unhappy with this score, this chipper was hard for me this year. I am not feeling that my WOD speed is great at this time so it'll be good to keep getting the work done.

One note, I could really feel this in my chest and post workout I am feeling the Fran tickle.

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