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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mini Battle

~ Steven Pressfield

Really great day today!

Crazy busy work day which led to a late training time. All good because I woke up feeling the effects of yesterday. Ooch!

I guess that it could have been a rest day, however, I was too excited to play with the new battling ropes. So ...

Warm up
500 Single Unders

 3 RNDs
 5 Bfly pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Reverse sit ups
20 Squats

Only could muster through 3 of the 5 today. I am that sore. But it started to flush out a bit. No swings, no snatches and no more pull ups. Purely play.

Handstand holds

Pigeon to pigeon transitions - these always feel so good. Well worth the time.

Opted out of the Row 2000/Run 1mile/50 burps - too hot, sore and I will add it in later this week.

Things have been a little jumbled with the schedule so time to write out the next few weeks of training and be sure to make each session count.

Ticket procured for NorCal Regionals! Moxie, just a thought right now, time to look up the workouts ... it is pretty close after swim season and I am usually pretty toast after champs, so maybe I can tailor my training schedule to be more effective this year ...

Battling Ropes ;) Workout
4 RNDs x :30 seconds each movement R :30 between sets or when needed
  • Shuffle wave
  • Alt Hand Pull
  • Rope Twist
  • Drag Pull Fwd
  • Fat Grip
Yes, it was hot, sweaty and way fun!

Good Read!
Live Life Aggressively, Mike Mahler

Love Your Body Challenge
Running a little behind. Day 2 :) Love this girl.

Nutrition Nugget
Raw food salad tops the list of nibbles today! Hummus, basil cream dressing & tons of amazing flavor! Thank you Nectar Cafe!

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