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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sweet Spot

Did you see that?
 THAT was the sweet spot
When you turn and look and breathe deeply.
If you hit the sweet spot just right,
YOU set yourself up to be completely awesome!

Some days are just spot on :)
I sooo LOVE this!

Warm up
Run 400
100M tire flips

TSC Wk2, D4
  • Deficit Deadlift (on 45# plates), 115#, 3 reps EMOTM - 8 minutes
  • Snatch EMOTM - 7 minutes, 6 R/L @ 12kg, quick & solid :) traps pretty sore from this week's work so decided to work with ROM & crisp movement
  • Pull up progression - 5 sets of negative pull ups, :10, :09, :08, :07, :06
AMRAP 10 minutes

  • 3 C2B Bfly pull up - really been wanting to work on keeping these strung together, all unbroken, yay!
  • 6 ALT Leg Deck Squats
11 RNDs, 3 Bflys ... and whoa, that was so worth it!

Good day, good day. Feeling flushed and worked. I do like these days. Not on the ground down & out, but well worked.  Now ready to head down and hang with some peeps to celebrate ;), friends, the passing of time & the joys of life!

Current read
You are going to have to want to dig in and expose those tender spots. It's worth it!
The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer

Excellent listen (podcast)
Gal pals, put your listening ears on but listen with your heart & soul :)!
Sexy By Nature, Stefani Ruper

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