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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mish Mash

I AM the fulfillment of God's plan 
For eternal life.

Reminiscing over the the hike to Cathedral Rock Vortex. Just spectacular, who knew what peace and contentment would come from a few miles. A gift atop Warrior Rock in memory of mom, Joy & Fun being the song the flutist played. He just popped up and smiled offering his good energy & talent to those listening. Returning content and fulfilled, I was not prepared for such an adjustment to the schedule overall. Remembering that rest and replenishment is all a part of the process, the ebb and flow and should be a bigger part of the plan at this time of year, but we do tend to try and press on, my body has acquiesced.

Oh to be whole again! Feeling the effects of the extra coaching hours, the 'down for the count' allergy attack and just an overall, whew!

Gym was super busy this morning, wasn't expecting that. So flow felt a little off. Had to re-org my workout and punt a bit, so it is a mix of L2 from this week. Just not going to get it all in, but still going to hit at least 3 days.

Yesterday was a bust. Good coaching day, but The Seven will have to hold until the weekend. Just no gas in the tank ;(. The immune/respiratory system was on overload. Did warm up followed by 5 Bar MU work & 30 Dbl unders for 5 sets and called it a day. Finished the swim coaching week tired. I forgot how it takes a few days for the legs to adjust to coaching on deck w/no shoes ;).

Warm up
Jump rope - 10 minutes varied work

3 RNDs
5 Bfly pull/10 Diamond push/15 reverse sit up/20 squats

Skills WOD
In any order:
  • 30 HSPU progression
  • 30 T2B
  • 30 Ring Row
Deadlift Ladder 

Athlete chooses starting weights, then add 10 lbs per minute until failure to complete.

115# and go!

Finished w/10 RNDs, pretty happy overall :)


Boxing drills  - kept it to 4 RNDs w/body punches & R/L kicks end of each round

Finally got a full night of sleep which has been well overdue. Took the time to  enjoy some coffee with my gal pal and much needed chat.

Fantastic Read

The Impersonal Life - Joseph Benner
Certainly not a quickie. But deep and personal.

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