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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Warm up
Sled pull 800M @125#
Thank goodness for the harness

5 RNDs
5 Bfly pull up/10 Diamond push up/15 GHD sit up/20 Squat
Getting better, faster, more efficient? I hope so. Finding a flow 3x a week!

Skill WOD
Pretty fun today. I realize that I am doing a fair amount of pistols. So this is good news. Different balancing on the beam and I am happy for the range of motion.

  • 5 R/L Cartwheels - oh the left is getting better but not pretty
  • 5 Pistols on the beam - super loving my new T! Visit to Prescott was definitely a highlight.
  • :30 seconds in Crow on the Parallel bars - thought I was going to eat it a few times on this one! Good thing for the crash pads ;)


  • Clean & Jerk 1RM @ 105# - ugh these were not good. Missed @110# missed and missed and not even close to where 1 RM should be.
  • Clean pulls @110# w/out strap 3x5 - okay this felt better, but clearly work needs to be done here.

Yeah, well, this was fun and sucked all at the same time ;). By round 3 I was like, whaaaaaat?!

5 RNDs
AMRAP - 2 minute rounds, rest 2 minutes between rounds.
Run 250M
Clean & Jerk @75#

4, 5, 6, 6, 5 - so much harder than I thought it would be. Once I got through the first round I felt like I know what I should be doing.

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